Burnt oot cars, weeded shopping trolleys, bizarre wooden pallets and trying to tempt a brownie with a dry fly as a bus thunders above you…..ah yes the River Kelvin in Glasgow is the ultimate in urban fly fishing.

I live only a short walk from the River and I would like to share my fishing diary with you... In case I dont catch fish.....I like Trees!!!!(which is just as well)
Have a gander at the some of the stretches that I fish, I don't put all my secrets there however. If you feel like a chat i enjoy hearing from people, especially those starting out!
This site should be viewed in conjunction with the blog which is in fact the actual diary,some people unkindly say all i do is moan...Also please register for the all singing all dancing River Kelvin Forum

This site is dedicated to anyone that wears waders on the bus!