You know the funny thing that I noticed in general about fishing is that once I actually put away my spinning rod and started to fish the fly pretty much full time, i started to catch a helluva lot more fish.


Take all your litter home people , time and time again i find myself picking up discarded line and empty beer cans. The river is still recovering and what it doesnt need is someone kicking it in the teeth with discarded hooks.The Victorians did a cracking job filling it with shite...dont ruin the good work done since then!!

Watch out for the wildlife, its one of the things that makes the river what it is.

If you carry a mobile phone make sure you give SEPA a phone if you see any dodge city pipes spewing not nice stuff. That is one of the main dangers in Urban Angling.....

I know suprisingly little about fly life and insects, enough to know that bees will sting me when annoyed and wasps sting just out of spite. Generally i stick to a couple of tried and trusted dry flies....what are they you ask??? you will have to visit the blog to find out!!









Matching the Hatch: Stillwater, River and Stream This is a classic book for learning about fly life....every fly angler should own a the picture to buy it from Amazon